K.I.T.T. – Supercar

K.I.T.T. | Knight Industries Two Thousand
K.A.R.R. | Knight Automated Roving Robot

Our car, derived from the first actually working replica built and programmed between 2007 and 2009, was made in part with original components used in the TV serial broadcast between 1982 and 1986.
What is special about this replica is how it can convert from Kitt to Karr, from the “good” to the “bad” star of the serial.

The software can reproduce both Kitt’s and Karr’s voice, with the associated voicebox. The voices are those of the original Italian dubbers, Massimo Venturiello and Diego Reggente, while with just a little touch up, Kitt can be turned into Karr and vice versa, by quick replacement of the scanner, changing the license plate or using a spray wrapper to change the colour of part of the chassis. From one car, one can thus obtain two replicas, faithful reproductions of the originals.