PFG Today

Pagliai Film Group today is a modern film and TV production company based in Florence.
Established in 2018 after the merger between Otello Pagliai Produzioni and Saints Film Group, an executive production company, Pagliai Film Group is involved in:

  • Film production: feature films, short films
  • TV production: documentaries, TV series and fiction
  • Commercials
  • Company profile
  • Videoclips

Our group works together with the main international brands in the fashion, music, luxury, yachting, sports and fitness fields.

Our strength lies in having built up over the years a high profile team who provide our clients with professionalism, research, development and care for every detail, offering innovative services and products.
The use of digital cameras, cutting edge editing and post-production techniques, the ability to find unique locations, make us a landmark for the audiovisual industry.
Our outstanding feature has always been loyalty to the values we believe in:

  • COURAGE, ENTERPRISE AND VISION: the fundamental virtues of any entrepreneur: even before seeing his enterprise take shape, he can imagine it in every detail, plan and finally invest resources, time and passion.
  • INNOVATION: the will to be constantly up to date concerning new technologies and tools, so as to be able to make innovative products with increasingly good quality.
  • FAMILY: the greatest value of all, which defined the new company set-up created by the Pagliai brothers, and shared by all the staff along with the same values, goals and passion, as they feel themselves part of the family.