The absolute quality of services together with the professionalism of our staff represents the greatest strength of our company.
Below you can find the activities and services that PFG offers its clients and international producers interested in shooting in Italy.



  • Storyline & Storyboard: we narrate your creative idea through evocative images and words.
  • Professional Departments selection: Direction, Photography, Production, Sound, Make-up, Styling, Scenography and so on…
  • Production Management: we organize the operativity of every cinematographic department by implementing strategies and tools meant to bring the film product to life.
  • Budgeting & Scheduling: we plan the economics, logistics and technical requirements of your artwork, starting with the script breakdown, all the way through finalizing every step of the work timetable.
  • Location Scouting & Inspection: We find the most suited location for your project, we do on-the-spot valuations and manage every part of it, from negotiation to the very construction of the set.
  • Permits & Licences: we take care of every preliminar fulfilment required for set arrangement and operability [public land occupation (SUAP), temporary mobility measures (Geoworks), transit/parking permits in ZTL area and so on].
  • Casting call: we discover the right actors for the screenplay, we involve them and assign the proper role to each one.
  • Transport, Accomodation, Catering: we rely on expert drivers to reach comfortably the chosen locations, we offer accommodations meeting every requirement and a tailor-made service for Food&Beverage on every production.


    Laying at the heart of cinematography, it is the moment in which the artistic drive finds its concrete achievement. Production requires accurate preparation and proper technical equipment. PFG can provide:

    • Professional Cinema Cameras
    • Cine Lenses (Sigma Art 18-35 e 24-70, Zeiss Super Speed MK2 18-25-35-50-85, Zeiss Super Speed MK3 uncoated 18-25-35-50-85-135, Angenieux 20-130 and much more)
    • Lights and Projectors (HMI lights, led panels, halogen lamps, JokerBug, diffusers and illuminators…)
    • Drones for aerial shots
    • Transports and Technical vehicles (cinema van, caravan, pick-up)
    • Specialized Troupe staff.




    • Video Editing: we use latest generation software in order to shape footage, creating through cutting and editing an emotional language that truly embodies the creativity behind it.
    • Sound Editing: we transform and integrate sound into the edited video product so that it can define and add meaning to the storytelling.
    • Sound Design & Soundtrack: we team up with musicians, sound designers and composers in order to develop original sountracks and customized sound effects.
    • Color Correction: we shape light and colour so that the perfect balance is reached and the final aestethics for the product are revealed.
    • Special Effects SFX (sound), VFX (video): through groundbreaking VFX and SFX techniques, we recreate, animate and mould frames and waveforms, dispensing with great care illusion and reality.